Gary Jacobs

Gary Jacobs is an artist, speaker and teacher from Hartford, CT USA, working in a style of Structured Expressionism, offering paintings, knowledge and inspiration to art types, business and media.


Mannerist, 36x48 (all paintings, oil on canvas)


The Whip #1, 36x48

Acceptance, 36x36

  His style is a metaphor for finding freedom of expression within the demands that are made on our lives in this post-modern, not-yet-new-age world.






The Whip #2, 36x48


The Crux, 36x48

Understanding, 48x60



His work is versatile, energetic
and distinct.


His ideas are classic and progressive.



Now and Forever, 36x48



Shoulder, 18x24



Full of the history of a life devoted to art.

The Great Outdoors, 12x48

Logic, 24x36













Jacob on the Mountain, 48x60


Silvery, northern light shimmers on the 10' x 16' windows of my expansive, high-ceilinged loft overlooking a busy street and both under and overpasses of I-84 in Hartford, CT, filling the space with an even, relaxing glow. Nonetheless, a rack of bulbs frame the wall against which I paint, lending continuity to the hours at any time of day, any time of year, that I might work. The rest of the space is hung with my art, lined with my books, accented with plants, musical instruments and my computer. It's alive, kinetic and welcoming.

I am a 1988 BFA, summa cum laude, of the Hartford Art School, U of Hartford, CT, and a 1991 MFA of Brooklyn College, NY. I taught at the Corcoran Museum School of American Art in Washington DC from 1991 to 1994, the Hartford Art School, from 1996 to 1999, and now at Tunxis Community College, Farmington, CT, since 2009. Between, I spent 15 years as a Product Development Artist for The Danbury Mint, MBI Inc. which kept a brush in my hand 7 days/wk, often for months and years on end.

Some of my work is realistic and traditional; still-lives of car tires and common objects that tell stories like epic, French, hunting mementos. There are flag subjects, currency, household items and recurring, mountainous landscapes all loaded with symbolism of one sort or another, but mostly there are my large abstracts. They are formal, highly structured, dark, moody, and yet glowing with light, full of energy. These are where it all came together for me. These keep me happy, satisfied and centered. There are also all combinations of the two styles; abstractions with realist elements, realism with abstract elements, and figures and scenes done in my style of lines, grids and free color, on which I really cut my teeth and refined my ideas over decades.

I always wanted to be an artist, but life got in the way, I was always trying to catch up with someone else and faced a world that only cared so much. Only when I was ready to give in, did I finally come into my own. I have my work on product lines and in numerous commercial uses. I have an extensive record of shows and sales to patrons of all sorts. I have been published and reviewed on many occasions, and I am gaining a growing audience that likes what I do.

I have nothing to say about my paintings unless I'm asked. Some people say they are modern. Some say they are spiritual, and some say scientific. They are all right, of course. I have my reasons for doing them, but they are mostly practical to keep myself involved, productive and, I believe, relevant. It's a tough time for art, as it is for many things, but I believe in the fundamental power of feeling, creativity and expression. Mostly, I love art, take it seriously, and want to keep it honest and pure. In return, I think it's done the same for me.


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